last Friday – i finished reading Breaking Dawn (after 4 days!) but i still want to read more about the Cullens.. i really wish Stephenie Meyer would finish Midnight Sun so every twilighter would be as happy as Bella.. hehehe..
Saturday-Sunday – i went back to reading John Saul’s Cry for the Strangers.. Saul’s books always freaks me out but i love how he always ends his stories with a twist…(and hanging..)
Monday – rest day for reading… apparently, i’ve read all the books tucked in my dresser (i have a small library inside my dresser, huh!) so i asked my colleague, Elmo if he could ask some books from his girlfriend at the Holy Angel University..
Tuesday – i finally had my hands on Paolo Coelho’s By the River Piedra I sat Down & Wept and Like the Flowing River.. thanks so much Mitch!! (elmo’s gf is sooo cool!!!) a long time ago, i’ve read The Alchemist and i felt a connection with the author.. so i promised myself that if i get the chance & time, i’ll be scouring the libraries & bookstores to look for Paolo Coelho’s master pieces.. luckily, i was able to borrow two of his books from the University.. 🙂
Wednesday – i finished By the River Piedra I Sat Down & Wept – and i also literally wept after reading it..
Thursday – as of this moment, i got my eyes on Like the Flowing River and i’m learning a lot from the compilation of short stories and thoughts of Paolo’s…
tomorrow, Friday – hopefully, i’ll be able to finish the book above and take a rest.. my eyesight isn’t doing any good lately.. i need new glasses!!

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