The Circle Trilogy

I’m not really a very big fan of fantasy literature, but if there are vampires, witch and dragons in the scene, i would surely love it.. that’s why i was so amazed and i can say that this Circle trilogy is really a worth of reading!

Morrigan’s Cross (Book 1), Dance of the Gods (Book 2) & Valley of Silence (Book 3) is a great trilogy book, way better than the Twilight saga, i might say! It’s a fantastic mix of time travel, vampire chronicles, and romance.

All of the following characters had some kind of deepness in them and there was a great plot with a touch of humour every now and then.

Cian & Moira as the Vampire & the Queen = the perfect cat + dog (love’em or hate’em)tandem, t
Larkin & Blair as the shape-shifter & the demon hunter = the sexy pair (i love their chemistry!)
Hoyt & Glenna as the sorcerer and witch = the married magical creatures
Lilith = the alluring yet cunning vampire creator
Lora = the menacing French ladylove

Great action! Lilith versus Cian’s minions = the vampire creator versus its creation is surreal yet fantastic! I thought I was just reading another novel but instead fell into a fabulous world that would end too soon after only three books!

really a must read!

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