gt: Nic Sparks

Hi, this is actually Claire from claire2kity’s My Everything... I decided to use this blog instead for our weekly Girl Talk since this blog contains all about books..
Welcome to my library, everyone 🙂
For this week, our GT topic is about: Book/s that made you cry and the one author that came to my mind instantly is Nicholas Sparks!  I bet everyone would agree! from his blockbuster books turned to movies, all that Sparks write is a masterpiece to me.. and all Sparks novels are actually tear jerkers, i always end up crying in the end..

I have read most of his books, specifically:
  • The Notebook
  • The Guardian
  • Message in a Bottle
  • A Walk to Remember
  • A Bend in the Road
  • Nights in Rodanthe
  • At First Sight
  • Dear John 
  • The Lucky One 
  • The Last Song
One of my choices is the “A Walk To Remember” which i have actually blogged in August as an entry for Tuesday Couch Potatoes. That’s my most favorite Sparks book, i never got tired reading it again & again, even if it was a real tear jerker..
Coming in second place and currently my favorite is the one recently shown in theaters, my new favorite THE LAST SONG.. It is a story which revolves around the summer of Ronnie Miller’s seventeenth year, during which she is sent to stay with her estranged father, along with his cute little brother, Jonah. Father & daughter don’t actually go well together, but through their shared love of music, the duo reconnect. Then Ronnie meets Blaze, a goth girl who was inloved with a jerk named Marcus, who flirted with Ronnie, but Ronnie refused. Then she meets Will, an animal preserver and sparks flew momentarily. Then Ronnie discovered something horrible that might be connected to Will, so the two parted ways..
for more Nicholas Sparks, check out all about his works through this link which i blogged in April..

tune in again next time for our next Girls Talk 🙂

11 thoughts on “gt: Nic Sparks

  1. wooo!! you are indeed a wide reader Sis Claire!! imagine a page with lots of books!! hihihi!! how I wish I would love to read books the way to love them!!!I have listed all your books on my list..Happy Girls Talk ^_^

  2. wow… pakyaw….Nic rocks …yeah me too. cried over his work..Girls Talk here Sis, By the way, If it’s not too much to ask may I ask your support to please vote for my entry at Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards 2010.Just tick Nominee # 8 (On This Side of Town) Under 2010 PEBA Supporter Nominees (Red Tab) at the left side bar of PEBA OFFICIAL WEBSITE HERE and click submit vote.If you’re interested you can read my entry HERE Thank You Very Much.

  3. i haven't read the last song. i was planning to when i learned that it was showing and it had miley cyrus on it. eugh. so that put me off a bit. LOL. although i've no doubt sparks did a good job on this one, too, like all the rest of his books which never fail to make me cry ^^

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