gt: Lucky Stars

 For this week’s Girls Talk topic, it’s all about the Funniest book/s you’ve read.

I was supposed to blog about the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella, but I can’t really summarize it yet because i just started reading it last Monday.. and i noticed BeautyQueenGene featured this already on her Girl Talk..

So for today, my choice for a funny topic is the hilariously lovely book by Jane Heller – Lucky Stars!
This is a really funny book about the crazy relationship between a mother and daughter. I had fun reading this..The book was easy to relate to.. as i see myself in Stacey’s place & my mom on Helen’s. a cool change from my collection of romances & mysteries…

For the Book Description, read below. But in my own simple terms, it is about an upcoming actress or a starlet taking her chances in Hollywood to find fame and fortune and a twist of fate- her mother gets discovered and becomes very famous. Mother & Daughter are neurotic!

Believe me, fellow readers, this book is definitely classically witty, humorous & awesome. There are times when i find myself in Stacey’s shoes and can’t help but be “angry” with my own mom. I loved my mother, really I did. but there was times when she drove me nuts. And I don’t mean nuts as in she aggravated me. I mean nuts as in she made the tiny vein in my left eyelid twitch. But I definitely love everything about her..
So if you got time and want a funny moment, i suggest LUCKY STARS and you won’t regret it!

I’ll rate this book with 4 smiling stars!

Book Description:
Stacey Reiser left Cleveland for Hollywood to pursue an acting career—and to escape her lovable but meddlesome mother, Helen. But her plan backfires when the widowed Helen sells her house and follows Stacey to tinsel town, invades every aspect of her daughter’s world and drives her crazy. As in eye twitch crazy. Insomnia crazy. Acid reflux crazy.
“If only Mom would get a life,” Stacey wishes after her mother has called for the zillionth time that day to nag her about her clothes, her hair, her lack of a wedding ring. “If only she’d get a life and stay out of mine.”
How could Stacey ever imagine that Helen would get a life – the very life Stacey craves? Just as Stacey’s career takes a dive, a twist of fate lands Helen in a television commercial that catapults her to stardom. Now it’s Helen who’s the media darling and Stacey who’s the meddler. And while Stacey is hoping for a commitment from her boyfriend, it’s Helen who snares the catch of the century. Or does she? Helen’s new beau isn’t what he seems, and it’s up to Stacey to expose his shady past before it’s too late. But it’ll take the acting job of a lifetime to do it, not to mention a whole lot of heart. Lucky Stars is a novel that’s as keenly observed as it is entertaining, and it will have mothers and daughters laughing out loud and nodding in recognition.

13 thoughts on “gt: Lucky Stars

  1. Oh.. and the Lucky Stars book by Jane Heller. My friend had one and told me that I could borrow it anytime. Now your book description really got me interested.. So I guess I WILL borrow it some time soon.. Hehehe.. Thanks again. =D

  2. hmmm…i am really intrigued with the shopaholic novel series. i think i should buy and read one. thanks for sharing the lucky stars, entry is here. have a great day!

  3. oooohh! i'm so excited to read this sis! i can't wait to get a book kaya hahanap na ako ng ebook kung meron, NOW NA! haha! thanks for the suggestion! mwah!sorry for the late visit (bad host! LOL). thanks for joining GT!

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