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Friday Finds for December

here are some new books i’ve acquired and plan to read in the next coming weeks.. my Friday Finds!

From the creator of Percy Jackson and The Olympians:  two new series from Rick Riordan

The Lost Hero:
Heroes of Olympus
and The Red Pyramid from the Kane Chronicles.

and here are from David Keck:
In the Eye of Heaven
In a Time of Treason 

and lastly, from James Owen: 
The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica

 Here, There Be Dragons
Book I

If you’ll notice, all of these are children’s books! I was so happy when the last three (In the Eye of Heaven, In a Time of Treason & Here, There Be Dragons) were actually on sale in Book Sale! so I didn’t have any second thoughts, I bought the three on a whim! For the two Rick Riordan books, The Lost Hero  & The Red Pyramid, i got them from National Bookstore 🙂

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