in retrospect

Year 2010 has been a fruitful year to me: family-wise & personal-wise. As a reader, I can say that I’ve done my best to accomplish at least 5 books a month. Although I was expecting to finish a hundred books-a year, finishing 75 books in 12 months isn’t that bad, is it?

Yes, I was able to read 75 books a year ago and that was an accomplishment. Most of the books i’ve encountered were series/trilogies, which I really didn’t like before. But when I started collecting, my anxiety heightened everytime I felt there was more to what I was reading. In the end, I didn’t mind collecting series anymore.

In fact, I always anticipated for the better everytime I’m done with one book.

I was also able to collect Young Adults / Teens books and I was always felt like a teenager after reading a good one. But the most priced posession I have collected last year would be my Percy Jackson and the Olympians series! I know that it’s a children’s book but somehow, I know my kids would love this in the near future.
Besides, I’ve always been interesed with Greek mythology so I didn’t have any second thoughts when I decided to buy the whole Percy Jackson package.  

For 2011, I really want to end the year reading a hundred books. I hope I would be able to accomplish this.

So let the reading marathong begin!

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