Honestly, I hate making New Year’s resolutions because the second I break it, I give up. Two Hands Up, I’m Done. I know it has only been days or so since 2011 boomed, but like most people, I am extremely having a hard time sticking to my resolutions. Two things always seem to get in the way – getting started and finding the time to continue. I just wish I coud get on with the rest of the year sticking to my promises. Nevertheless, I still want to write down those that I wish to accomplish.

In this year of the Rabbit, 2011 – here are some of the plans I wish to fulfill:
– be more responsible in spending money
– go on a healthy diet
– exercise early in the morning; get fit

– be more organized
– watch a movie or do a marathon twice-a-month with the whole family; including extended family members
– find or squeeze some time to bond with long-lost friends
– buy and read more books for me & for the kids
– relax amd have fun

With all these, I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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