Table for Two

Review # 8
Title: Table for Two
SubPlots: Summer Desserts
               Lessons Learned
Author: Nora Roberts
Table For Two proves a delectable and heartwarming experience with two light-hearted romances from Nora Roberts topped with her vast knowledge of Italian and French haute cuisine as a garnish.

Summer Desserts, the first story is about the fiercely independent French chef Summer Lyndon finding herself attracted to successfully suave hotelier Blake Cochran III. Love conflicts with Summer’s career when she discovers Blake’s family’s past to her own family and her fear of marriage which caused an avalanche of control issues in a dramatic high.
The more enjoyable fare turns out to be Lessons Learned when notorious skirt-chaser Carlo Franconi unwittingly surrenders to Juliet Trent, his publicist who finds a heart behind his devastating facade. It is fluffy romance with a dose of humor and fairy-tale charm. The insecurities of Juliet and his reputation as a playboy proves disastrous for their fragile trust.
What makes this book irresistible is Ms. Roberts’s flair and sumptuous descriptions of the dishes which makes it a nice indulgent treat for romance fans.
Although I found extreme similarities in story on both books, I still gave it a shot and I always fall in love in the end – the Nora Roberts way.
My rating for these two books – 3 bookmarks!

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