Buy 1 Book & Read It!

It’s so nice to go hopping from one blog to another, reading book reviews and comments at the same time, learning more about your fellow bookworm. Because of bloghopping, I happened to stumble upon this wonderful challenge called: Buy One Book and READ IT, hosted by My Friend Amy.

The challenge is about going to the bookstore, buying a book and making sure that you READ that book and not let it stay on your shelf untouched. I am guilty as charged. I occasionally go on a book binge twice a month, buy at least 3 books and when I get home, I’m having a hard time deciding which one to read first, so most of my other books are stuck on the bookends. So i’ll gladly join My Friend Amy’s challenge to challenge myself too!

And yes, i’ll be taking the Level 2 Challenge!
Here are the information you need to know and follow if you like to join:

Start Date: January 1st, 2011
End Date: December 31st, 2011

There are two levels to this challenge:
1) Buy One Book and Read It.
This level is good for people who don’t read often but think that would like to read more. It’s also good for people who don’t buy books. If you don’t read much or don’t buy many books, this is your level.
2) Level Two–Buy one book and read it every month
You don’t have to buy a book in January and read it in January, but you must buy 12 books that you also go on to read during the year. This level is ideal for book bloggers notorious for the buying part, but not so much the reading part.

1) The book you read must be for pleasure. It cannot be a book you are reading to your children, for work, for research. This is all about fun.
2) The book(s) can be print or electronic. Unless you are unable to read print, audiobooks don’t count towards this challenge.
3) Make sure to add your links to the Mister Linky that will go up by January 1st.

Please spread the word! The whole idea of this challenge is to spread the love of reading in manageable bite-sized pieces.

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