Winter Rose

Review # 34
Title: Winter Rose
Author: Patricia McKillip
Paperback, 262 pages
Published May 1997

This is the last book I’m reading for the month of August. 

Rois and Laurel are two very different sisters. The story follows Rois, the wild girl who feels at home outdoors. Both girls become fascinated with a man named Corbet. 

Corbet Lynn is a young man who has come to claim his inheritance, the Lynn hall. He soon charms the town, mostly by his hiring of the workers to help rebuild the home. However there are also rumors of the curse that Niall left his son with (Corbet’s father) as he died. It was suspected that Corbet’s father killed Niall and ran off though it could never be proved. 

Soon, Rois becomes tangled in enchantments and mystery as she seeks to rescue the man she and her sister both love.

The book has this fantastic drama, which could make it almost realistic fiction but McKillip throws in fey mythology. The woods are truly a home the the fey and Corbet may have returned from that other world, not simply another city.

It is an exciting and engaging novel. Rois is a pleasure to read and the romance between Rois, Corbet, and Rois’s sister Laurel adds a great twist. 

My rating for WInter Rose: 3 bookmarks 🙂

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