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Vive La Paris

Title: Vive La Paris
Author: Esme Raji Codell
Hardcover; 210 pages
Published October 2006

Taken from the back cover of the book:

Paris has come for piano lessons, not chopped-liver sandwiches or French lessons or free advice. But when old Mrs. Rosen gives her a little bit more than she can handle, it might be just what Paris needs to understand the bully in her brother’s life…and the bullies of the world.  

This companion novel to the award-winning “Sahara Special” is an affecting look at what it means to be your brother’s keeper, and how we hold onto hope when the world seems dark. (Rose-colored glasses optional.)

I had an exceptionally great experience reading this book. I learned a lot about Paris and the Holocaust.

Paris is a special black girl who is living in New York, aspiring to go to the City of Love one day. She and her brother Michael took piano lessons from Mrs. Rosen – a Jew, who taught her not only about keys and high notes, but also about life. Eventually, Paris learned about the Holocaust and became saddened, but in the end she bounced back and made good about her discovery.

The book also relates to us the value of acceptance in order to make new friends. It also touches on racial discrimination and personal responsibility. Esme Codell did a great job in reminding me about how we see the world through other people’s eyes – and yes, through rose-colored glasses too!

My rating for Vive La Paris – 4 bookmarks 🙂

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