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The Forever Girl

Title: The Forever Girl (Sophia’s Journey )

Author:  Rebecca Hamilton
Published January 2012

What would you do when someone dies in front of you and you’ve been accused of murdering him?
What do you do when you hear voices in your head? Do you shut them out or do you listen to them?
How about when you discover that your love interest who looks nineteen is actually several centuries old?

These are just some of the questions that Sophia Parsons had to deal with. Aside from having a mother who joined a church led by a fanatic, Sophia had to suck it up with Mrs. Franklin who wished to get her out of her own house because she believed Sophia is a witch. One night, when her friend Ivory took her to a club, she met Charles. And soon, her world turned upside down.

The Cruor, Strigoi, Ankou, Chibold – these are the creatures of the supernatural world. Sophia didn’t believe in supernaturals. Little did she know that she belonged with them. When she finally discovered the truth about her and her ancestors, she used her power to protect the ones she love.

Thanks to my friend’s urging and suggestion, I was able to buy “The Forever Girl” through Amazon (with my new Kindle). Admittedly at first, I told myself, “another vampire love-story?” But then, I have a knack for paranormal tales so I decided to give it a shot. When I read about Sophia being questioned by the police after being accused of hexing a child, I knew I couldn’t put this book (or in my case – my Kindle) down.

What I dearly love about this book is how Rebecca Hamilton didn’t use the common words like “vampires and shape-shifters” to depict the creatures in Sophia’s world. The story was fast-paced and very well narrated. Furthermore, Hamilton competently described her characters, as well as projected their flashbacks (or their pasts) without confusing the reader’s train of thoughts. {sometimes, when I read a book, I usually get perplexed when a flashback is suddenly inserted} but with Forever Girl, I got all excited and it only made me want to read more and more, especially with the unexpected twists and turns.

From Colorado, to Damascus (the Underworld) to Japan. Sophia’s journey from one place to another was full of excitement and fear. But the adventure didn’t stop in the Japanese mountains. There’s a whole lot more about Sophia and I would really love to read about it on her second book..

Like what I’ve tweeted before: Sophia + Charles = Forever

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