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Dark Waters

Title: Dark Waters (Celtic Legacy Book 1)
Author: Shannon Mayer
Kindle Edition
Published December 28th 2011

Two sisters, one of them kidnapped + Two gorgeous men.
+ A legendary prophecy =
Monsters, magic, deception and sensuality.
Be prepared to dive into Dark Waters

Dark Waters started off in a psych facility where Quinn & Ashling’s granddad was detained. Upon seeing his two granddaughters, all hell broke loose, resulting to Quinn almost getting choked to death. Fortunately, she survived and her neck wounds were healed almost instantly. The act was called Quickening and before Quinn lost consciousness, Grandpa told her to protect her sister at all times.

Then the sisters went for surfing lessons, although Quinn had this fear of water. There she met gorgeous Luke, their surf instructor. Ashling was soon captured by a scary underwater creature but Quinn was not able to save her. It was through Luke that she discovered about her Celtic Legacy, where she belongs to the Tuatha De Daanan race while her sister was captured by the rival race – Fomorii.

While Quinn was determined to save Ashling, a barrier was setup to forbid her from entering the Fomorii kingdom. She met Bres, a half-Tuathan and half-Fomorii, who became her ally, and there was also a huge red-head serpent named Cora. While Luke was adamant not to let Quinn conquer the underworld, Bres & Cora worked together to help her reach her destination. Together, they delved into the bottom of the ocean to overcome challenges and discover a world of monsters, magical creatures and much much more..

This is definitely a good read! I loved Quinn & Ashling’s sisterly bond – strong and loving and loyal. Makes me envy their relationship since my sisters and I don’t really get along with each other.. Hahaha.. Anyway, when it comes to the men
s division, Quinn is torn between golden-eyed Tuathan Luke, who seemed to be the one spoken in the prophesy;  and Bres, the violet-eyed half Fomorii, son of the evil Balor, who aroused and stirred up her emotions like no one else could.

Shannon Mayer is a brilliant author. The flow of the story is fluid and consistent. There was never a dull moment when you read from the beginning till the end.  Mayer knows how to tickle my imagination which makes me crave for so much more.

Who will Quinn choose? Would she be able to save her sister? How will the battle between Tuatha and Fomorii end? These are just some of the questions left hanging in Shannon Mayer’s Celtic saga.. I can’t wait to read the second book, Emerald Isles!

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