Meeting Destiny

Title: Meeting Destiny
Author: Nancy Straight
Kindle Edition, 291 pages
Published June 26th 2010

My short summary: 
Lauren had been dreaming about her Destiny for a number of years. One day, she sensed something wrong while working at Tasty Burger, a fast-food restaurant. Next thing she knew, Lauren jumped off the counter in order to save a little boy and she  took a bullet from a madman who was attempting to rob the place. Yes, she got shot but she didn’t really notice nor felt it!  Soon she met a very gorgeous and able paramedic named Max who literally made her heart stop a beat. Upon seeing those piercing green eyes, she knew she found her Destiny. But why doesn’t the man in her dreams recognize her at all?

When Lauren regained her strength, she found out that she simply couldn’t start a relationship with Max because she had Seth, her childhood sweetheart who professed his love and devotion to her the night she was taken to the hospital. And Max felt the same way. He doesn’t want to be the man who caused Lauren & Seth’s breakup. A grace period of 3 months was given to Lauren to settle everything out. Will Max & Lauren still end up with each other?

While sorting her feelings out, Lauren met a woman named Rewsna who could talk to her through her mind. She told her about her dreams of the past, her present situation and the future that awaits her. She also told Lauren the roles of other people in her life, such as having a tempter, being a protector and finding her soul mate. Amidst all this, Lauren got involved in a car theft incident and murder investigation. Heck, she even made friends with the suspect – Paul. On the latter part of the story, something happened to Lauren when she went out camping with her gorgeous EMT.

My review:

From one Destiny to another.. hmm.. I’m talking about the last book I read – Key Lime Blues where the main antagonist of the story was named Destiny – a stripper and diamond thief. But in this book by Nancy Straight, Destiny is a man named Max Meyer, a handsome paramedic who had been haunting Lauren’s dreams for years.

Talking about dreams, I didn’t have any lately especially last week because, believe it or not, I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning just to finish this because I had to know what happened next!

But lo and behold! This book got lots of cliffhangers, I don’t know which one should I mention first.. hmmm…
Who attacked Lauren the night of the camping? Why did Max joined the Navy? Who really killed the McMasters? Who is Lauren’s protector? What is Max’s secret?

Lot of questions… only one way to find out the answer… Go and buy the second book Destiny’s Revenge… i have to have it soooooon!

I really enjoyed reading Lauren and Max’s story. Yes, I cried a bucket of tears and laughed and giggled and sighed… Nancy Straight had me on the first chapter.  Her style of writing is enjoyable, the story was fast-paced and imaginable. Really! I didn’t have a hard time envisioning the Max-Lauren-Seth triangle. Nancy Straight is an author to watch out for. Oh, another plus factor is the book cover! I really love swirls, the colors, the flowers and especially Lauren’s piercing glare 🙂 Definitely an entertaining and passionate book!

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