Title: Amulet (DragonBlade Series # 1)
Author: Nancy Lee Parish
Paperback; 503 pages
Published November 2011

Amulet –
There comes a time…
when even the smallest things…
can make all the difference in the world.
Real people.
Real struggles.
In a world you’ve never seen…
until now.
In a world where good and evil are not so black and white…
Expect the unexpected.

Wizards, dragons, Riders, Elves, Dwarves, crystals and…. a dog?! No, really!!

If you think I’m referring to The Lord of The Rings, think again. Amulet is the Next Big Thing! True.. LOTR have captivated the hears of millions, young and old alike. But when you get the chance to read the Amulet, you’d think Frodo’s quest/journey has been extended. But Tristan – the main starring role –  is a lot different from the hobbits.

Tristan and Andra, together with their dragons, Thunder and Clare, will take you to a world where dogs talk in their heads and wizards have power over earth, fire, water and air.

You’ll surely love the characters in Nancy Lee Parish bestseller. The Ecli – Krill, Solerin, Trubac, Seneca – the awesome foursome – each had dark secrets and each has a story to tell. The peasants (Elias, Darius, Thoral), the Elves (Liander, Marin, Belka), the Dwarves and many others – there’s nothing else to do but to love every one of them. The dragons themselves will take you high up in the sky,  wishing you were with them in the Tavern, drinking with peasants and falling in love … dreamy, right?

Wait till you get the whole story. Lots of twists and turns. Expect the unexpected. Know your enemies. Stay close with your friends. Eat yummy sausages with gravy.. Oh yes, you’re gonna need a lot of energy to be able to fly with them dragons..

Get to know more about this lovable personalities by reading Amulet. I assure you, you won’t get disappointed 🙂

My rating for Nancy Lee’s Renegade fantasy: 5 bookmarks 🙂


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