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Paris Adventures


  • Sleeping with Paris (Book 1)
  • Kissing in Paris (Book 2)

Author: Juliette Sobanet
Kindle Edition
Published October 7th 2011

Charlotte Summers is a sassy, young French teacher who is two days away from moving to Paris with the love of her life and from fulfilling her dream of studying at the prestigious Sorbonne University in France. But when she discovers her fiancé’s online dating profile and has a little chat with the busty red-head he’s been sleeping with on the side, she gives up on committed relationships altogether and decides to navigate Paris on her own.

HIlariously sweet!

When the main gal, Charlotte discovered her fiance’s philandering activities mere days before their French getaway, she was understandably devastated. But this did not prevent her from going to Paris and pursuing her life-long dream. Soon she found herself hatching a plan on how to take revenge on  men by blogging about her life in the city of love.

And there’s this exciting job offer where she had to write about Parisian adventure on an online website. Just when she discovered a hot French man who swept her off her feet. What are the chances that this hottie might read about himself on an online paper? Hmmm….

I learned a lot about Paris in this exciting novel.. The culture, the French hotties, the food, the night-life… did i mention, the French hotties? whew! Definitely a good read – very easy storytelling but sure packs a lot of fun! Charlotte is a perfect example of a strong woman who may have stumbled a lot in life, friends & family included, but she was determined to set things straight and enjoy Paris!

Let me just say, j’aime le livre!!! And  Juliette Sobanet is  fantastique! Magnifique!

4 bookmarks for Sleeping With Paris… Also, check out the magical sequel, Kissed in Paris 🙂

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