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Deadwood Mysteries

Title: Nearly Departed in Deadwood
(Deadwood Mysteries #1)
Author: Ann Charles

Deadwood Mysteries  
from my new favorite author – Ann Charles
After reading the first few chapters of Nearly Departed in Deadwood, I knew I was hooked. I was immediately drawn to Violet Parker who is a funky, fierce and lovable character. All throughout the series (Nearly Departed in Deadwood #1, Optical Delusions in Deadwood # 2, Dead Case in Deadwood # 3)
A single mom with two adorable kids, Violet Parker is a determined woman who would do anything to keep her job on real estate, even if she has to face her ass of an office-mate every single day. Fortunately, there’s a string of men who would gladly buy or sell their houses through her: Old Man Harvey, Doc Nyce, Jeff Wymonds, Wolfgang Hessler, Detective Cooper  and an Abraham Lincoln look-alike.. Of course, there are also those creepy villainous characters, such as her despicable co-worker Ray Underhill. Top it up with ghost-hunters, chicken feeders, haunted houses,  weird home-owners, adorable  naughty kids, peeping-tom neighbor, and gorgeous BFF who also have the hots for her boyfriend, you’ve got three hilariously awesome Deadwood mysteries you’d surely love to uncover. Like the case of missing girls, the haunted house which has a long history of murders, and a funeral parlor that moves crates which may  be containing chopped body parts… uh-oh!!!
Ann Charles is indeed an exceptional talent. Her stories make me want to go to the nearest bookstore and grab all her other works (I have yet to try the Jackrabbit Junction mysteries). She’s now part of the list of my favorite authors of 2012. Yay!
I can’t really wait for the 4th book. Now that her Calamity Jane boss was found dead and her BFF Natalie already knew about Violet & Doc’s steamy secret relationship, what would happen next to Violet’s career & family? Well, I guess I have to find out SOON.

2 thoughts on “Deadwood Mysteries

  1. Thank you for such a wonderful review on my Deadwood series. You made my night!! I hope you have fun with book #4 (which I need to get back to editing and quit playing around online–LOL).Take care,Ann

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