I’m baaaackkkkk!!!!

Did you all miss me? Well, i sure did… I mean, i missed you all. Hopefully, with the new year, I’ll be able to blog more.

I actually made a list of my  plans or resolutions for this year. I don’t really do this kind of stuffs, but this year, i’m making an exception. I decided to give it a try and at least make sure that half of my year-long promises will come true.

Anyway, here are my so-called plans:

* Manage my time.. wisely! No more wasting of free time. But spend more quality time with Hubby and kids.

* Love myself more. A year ago, I’ve been so busy with my kids, I forgot to take care of myself.. So I’m including myself now..

* Wear make-up everyday. Looking good helps me feel good..

* Read more books.. Expand my horizon. Show more interest in another genre like self-help books, biographies, coffeetable books and Pinoy novels…

* Write again. Lately, I’ve been having daydreams and nightmares full of words, prose,  poems.. and when I wake up, I slap myself because I didn’t had a chance to write  and compile them.. I really ought to write again.

  • Blog more! Yes, I need to post more and more of my thoughts, feelings and everything else in between. I miss blogging!
  • Fill-up my diary/journal with entries. Two years ago, I bought a diary notebook for myself, hoping to chronicle about my daily life. One day I stopped. Today, I’m gonna fill ‘er up.. yeah baby!
  • Review the books I’ve recently read and publish them on my other blog. Hopefully someday, I’ll get paid.. yipee!
* Drop a peso or two on my kids’ coin banks. Everyday! My kids already have their own / respective coin banks, even my youngest baby has one. But they don’t regularly drop coins in there. So I’m taking it as my responsibility to help them save and collect more by the end of the year.. Yipee!
* Learn to cook other recipes.. It’s time for my kids to try new food.. hopefully their taste buds would cooperate. LOL
So far, these are all the resolutions I have come up with. I really wish I could fulfill them. Happy New Year everyone!

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