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Carpe DiEmily

Title: Carpe DiEmily (part 1)

Author: Riley J. Ford
Kindle edition
Published November 2012

Rating 4 stars

Emily Keane has her life all planned out. She’s played by the rules and never stepped outside her box, and now she will finally be rewarded with everything she always dreamed of: a job promotion, a fiance, and a future she can count on. But when her perfectly planned world falls apart, Emily is plunged into the wildest year of her life.

From the beaches of California to Jamaica, New York, and Europe, Emily finds herself on a madcap race against time, running from an unscrupulous organ broker who wants her dead, all the while checking items off her unusual bucket list. On top of it all, she’s falling in love with the most unlikely person, a man who can never return her feelings . . . but will his friendship be enough?

Confronting one hilarious misadventure after another, Emily finally learns who she really is and how to seize the day .

I definitely had tons and tons of laughs while reading this ebook. While the first few chapters discussed protagonist Emily’s organized life and love affair in general, I couldn’t help but wince when her @sshole of a boyfriend had the nerve to break up with her. Damn Lenny’s antics! He was one pathetic loser who didn’t realize Emily’s worth.

But then, I also found myself smiling and sometimes rolling my eyes at Emily Keane because she is sooo naive and ignorant. It seemed like she’s so afraid of change and get out of her comfort zone. Especially after she resigned from her job. Her way of thinking kind of reminded me of myself some 10 years ago when I first had a job and I had my life organized. Then when one unexpected event happened, I was scared to move on. But eventually, i embraced change.

And so did Emily, although reluctantly. Thanks to a weird organ broker-slash-surgeon, Emily postponed her attempted suicide for a year in exchange of organ donation. After meeting the doctor and was given 1million dollars as early payment for her vitals, Emily made a bucket list. And what a list it was! So far, she got a pet, a German Shepherd, actually, which was named Ass-Wipe. Crazy name, huh? Wait till you see what it does! Hahaha! And then she got a flaming skull tattoo, got drunk and learned how to country dance and even almost went on skinny-dipping! What else were on her list? To go to a tropical island, watch the bulls in Pamplona and meet Woody Allen. Would she be able to do that in 1 year? And what if she decided to back out from her contract? And what if she found her one true love?

Questions, questions, questions.. I have more questions in mind.. But these would only be answered once I get my hands on the second part of Riley J. Ford’s hilariously funny and insightful story, Carpe DiEmily. This is a highly recommended read specially to those who’d like to smile on a gloomy day. Seize the day, people ūüôā

Riley J. Ford rocks! She’s definitely one fine storyteller, guaranteed to make you crave for more. (:

 i’m gonna share with you all tomorrow my revised bucket list… Ciao ūüėÄ

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