my bucket list 2013

Each time i read a book with bucket list story, i’m inspired to create my own. With Carpe DiEmily, i decided to make a new list again..

Hmm. Truth is, there’s a lot of things i’ve always wanted to do.. I think i’m gonna revise my To Do List which i’ve created a couple of years ago.. maybe this time i’ll come up with something more realistic, because, all i wrote previously were absolutely next to impossible!

Ok, here I go: (crossed out items are already done)

Have another honeymoon Down Under or in Boracay with hubby

Go to Disneyland with the kids

Hike a mountain

Watch a meteor shower or wish on a falling star

Ride on a scary rollercoaster

Visit asian countries like Singapore, Japan, Hongkong.

Get a tattoo.

Try bunjee jumping or sky-diving

Meet John Cusack and Nicole Kidman.

Get front row tickets to an international concert.dc

Go surfing.

Join a 2K marathon.

Learn how to drive a car and earn my professional driver’s licence

Go to any kind of museum

Complete my  Nora Roberts and Sidney Sheldon collection

join  a game show (specifically Who Wants to be a Millionaire)

Go to France and see the Eiffel Tower

watch LA Lakers live at the Staples Center with my hubby

Eat at a fancy restaurant

Check in at a five-star hotel with hubby

Try a new hair color like flaming red

Try a new haircut, like the pixie cut

Learn how to bake a cake

Host a party

Try scuba diving or swim with the dolphins

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