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love galore

It’s February! My most favorite month of the year. Why? Because aside from it being the LOVE month, it happened to be my birth month too.

Oh yes, I’m getting a year older again. A year wiser, too. At least that’s what my kids said. Teehee ^_~

Anyway, for this month, the books I am going to read are mostly Contemporary Romances  and Rom-Coms. Yes, romantic-comedies bring out the girl in me. So my booklist is going to be love-infested.

Yeah, I wanna go lovey-dovey and romancey at this time of the year. I wanna fall in love all over again. I wanna laugh my heart out. I want to cry and sigh. I want to get giggly and gooey when I imagine a romantic scene. 

So I guess.. I think I’ll set aside the paranormals and faeries month. But don’t fret, my dear friends. My favorite fantaseries will make their presence felt on March.

For now, let the love bug bite and be ready to fall in love.

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