back from hiatus

I’m back from an almost one week hiatus. Yipee. Actually, i was gone during the weekend because it was my birthday (yay!!) and my husband treated me and the kids to a romantic weekend getaway.. Ahhhh, sometimes it really feels good to be away from the hustle and bustle of city life. ^_^

And so, I’ll be posting my book reviews later and some pictures of my kids during the weekend. Just wishing my internet connection won’t die on me anytime soon.

Oh, by the way, this morning, my kids had been bugging me to wear red at home, and at school. I muttered to myself, what’s the deal? I was wondering why they were so adamant in findig their red shirts.

Just then I realized.. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Yay! I totally forgot!

So here’s wishing you all a romantic and lovely Valentines Day  ^_~ Enjoy being in-love x

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