chick-lit · romance

Champagne for Two

Title: Champagne for Two
Author: Patrice Wilton
Kindle Edition
Published September 2011

CHAMPAGNE FOR TWO is a tale about an upscale dating service in Palm Beach–fun and sassy!

Get ready to meet Christine as she embarks on a new journey in the world of dating service. After taking over the “Merry Matchmakers” from her mom and colleagues, she was surprised by a knock on the door, perfectly framing a gorgeous rugged man named Derek. Apparently, the dating service used Derek’s photo to advertise the business but he was really not pleased with the idea. So he confronted the new owner, hoping to get his photo off the wall, but soon he found himself pining for Christine’s attention and luscious body.

The outcome or ending was a little predictable, but I did enjoy reading it. The grandmoms’ story was cute. The daughter’s romance was a little too dramatic but her character was underdeveloped. I suggest Nicole’s love story get a spin-off so I can understand her more and so we can see more of Jake, Brett and her. I also liked the characters of Jenny and Dr. Helga Weiss, the psychologist. She was so darn funny!

Overall, I had a pleasant time reading Champagne for Two. The author, Patrice Wilton, seamlessly captured the love scenes as well as the angst from a rejected romance. Perfect for a lovely evening read. 🙂

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