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an author to watch out for..

I usually spend my weekends reading pocketbooks, both paperbacks and hard-bounds. Sometimes, when I have extra time, I try surfing the internet with interesting sites and author pages. (My Kindle takes a rest every Saturday and Sunday.)

During the recent holidays, I did a little reflecting and read the Scriptures. Afterwards, I accessed various websites. I was pleased to inform you all that I have found a great aspiring author and a world traveler. Meet Tim Lewis and get to know more about him via his official website:

Through his page, you will also find some of his unfinished novels – thrillers, mysteries and fantasy (YA). I’ve read Assassins and Madmen and I was really impressed. I felt like I was in a crime scene and I am one of the characters who has access to the FBI and has the authority to issue a manhunt all over Lone Oak.

I also read a wonderful introduction to an Elven princess who returned to her castle after ten years in a monastery. Dragon’s Gate / Dragon’s Lair tells about Sarai and her journey going back home. There she met her wolf bodyguards and a dragon named Zuwon.

I admire Mr. Lewis’s writing. His pitch pulled me in. He flawlessly described the settings of his story, so vivid, that you can actually feel and see yourself immersed on that fantasy world he has created. Since Dragon’s Gate is only a few chapters finished, I believe a little more emphasis on the beginning or a quick reminder or flashback would have made it easier to understand where the lead character’s journey would take her. I would definitely like to know more about the wolves and the tragedy that took place in the castle.

Publishers, you might find a gem with Mr. Lewis. He needs to get published! I am telling you, he knows how to tell a story.

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