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Flying Lessons


Author: Francis Potts

Kindle edition

Published August 2011

A love story of sorts. When Swann was referred to the psychiatric clinic for assessment, he assumed it was purely routine. But then he met Alison.

To say that this novel is great is an understatement. Let me tell you the truth. Flying Lessons is a spectacular book, something every reader should have in their shelves, something every bookworm should read.

The story revolved around Mr. Swann and his dream of flying someday. He asked for sleeping pills to help ease his agitation, but soon he was sent to a psychiatrist for further evaluation. The first day he went to the specialist was the first time she met Alison, in flesh and in picture.

After stealing her photograph, Swann’s previous feeling that something great was about to happen, came true. It was the start of his affair and flying lessons with Alison.

In a relationship, Swann was the type of guy who was naive, submissive and innocent. He asked the pertinent questions, he only answered Yes or No and did not further elaborate with his replies, he made sure that he pleased Alison and the other people around him.

And the other people included Mrs. Strange. She was quite a character. She stripped her clothes in front of Mr. Swann, she sorted out her birds and smoked a lot.

When Alison, one day, failed to appear at their usual rendezvous,  Swann felt that he was not in control with his life. He soon stopped showing up at Mrs. Strange’s bird sanctuary, grew weary & restless. He even did breaking and entering! And the result: he jumped from a second floor window, thought that he was going to fly.

And then he saw Alison again at a hospital. Soon we learned about Alison’s idiosyncrasies and condition.

Flying Lessons has a lot of morals. It teaches you to look beyond the appearance, to look deeper. It teaches you that the grandest ambition can start in a simple dream. It teaches you love without boundaries. It tells you that even the craziest man and woman can fall in love and build dreams together.

Here’s one of the best lines or quotes I loved in the book:

Unromantic bastard. Here we are, falling in love, and you don’t even want me to hold your hand.

My rating for Flying Lessons: 5 stars!

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