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Betrayers of Magic

Title: Betrayers of Magic

Author: Lynette Creswell
Kindle edition
Published 2013

Finding the separation from her immortal people too much to bear, Crystal soon returns to the Kingdom of Nine Winters. Her homecoming coincides with the Feast of the Four Quarters Festival where the magical realms come together to choose this year’s new apprentices who will join, if chosen, the Supreme Circle of Mages.

On this very special day, the princess meets a bold and courageous apprentice named Niculmus DeGrunt who is like no one she has ever met before but is there something sinister lurking behind those mysterious dark brown eyes?

Finally, I got my hands on this sequel and I must say, it was a tremendous journey to the Kingdom of Nine Winters.

The protagonist, Crystal found her way back to the magical realm after her father fetched her from the mortal world. She and Matt (her special human friend) were at odds before she left, she only wanted what was best for him, and that was his safety.

Back in the Winters Kingdom, Queen Amella was reunited with her daughter, just in time for the Festival of Four Quarters, where there had been the so-called Trial of Apprentices. There she met the brooding, excellent and mysterious mage, Niculmus. Although their first encounter ended up with a kiss and Crystal in tears, things turned differently when they saw each other again as apprentices of Professor Valentine. I actually liked Niculmus… a lot! I liked him way better than Matt who was my first choice in Book 1 (Sinners of Magic).

Crystal’s life in the magical realm proved to be quite challenging and full of obstacles. Aside from being able to sense danger or see certain visions, she discovered her new ability to heal using her fingertips. It was fun to see old characters again like Amafar, Voleton, Arhdel, Tremlon, Bridgemear and even Lilura! There were new interesting characters introduced, new allies and villains and mythical creatures. I loved how The Wanderer was initially described: a prisoner like no other, someone to be afraid of.

The kelpies, the firebird, the plainwalker, the dragons and elves, all with striking personalities that kept me interested. There was also the Satyr, and Clump, the Windigo, who was very likeable. Although windigos or changelings were supposed to be monstrous and conniving, I couldn’t help but like Clump, who is very different from the rest. He served Crystal well, and when it was time for him to go, I cried alongside the princess.

Elveria, the cunning traitor mage, was every bit of a villain, no wonder I never liked him even in the first book. The twist in the end made me hate him more. Sorry, I know Hate is such a strong word, but when you get to read this book, I assure you, all your emotions will come out. That’s how effective Lynette Creswell’s storytelling is.

Betrayers of Magic is the sequel that would bring you to tears, make you sigh, give an evil eye, mutter incomprehensible words, and will have you scream for more. It was definitely worth every penny. This had been a marvelous sequel and I cannot wait for Book 3. I’m giving Betrayers of Magic 5 stars!

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