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Poems by Lee Gliddon


Poems [Kindle Edition]
Lee Gliddon (Author)
Published May 2013

It is not often that I get a chance to read poems with this caliber. You can actually feel the emotions of the author when he was forming the words into a collection of sentiments. There are parts that cuts like a knife, like you can feel his pain and sufferings. The heartbreak and the dark times are eloquently described in L.D. Gliddon’s Poems.

In “Our Last Goodbye”, the boy remembers the times he had with his father. Clinging to the memories they had together, the boy has to let go and move on.

With “Love’s First Sight”, the lad fell in love with a girl the first time he laid eyes on her. My favorite lines on the poem was:

“The stars had aligned, our destinies intertwined..
Our fates engraved, together we would find.
Your first spoken word echoed in my heart,
Swept off my feet I flew, I knew,
Right there we would share, forever and never apart. “

Ahhh.. I could melt with these words.

Other promising poems in the collection include: A Falling Star, The Rose, The Alcoholic, Silent Beauty, and Snow Angels – a heartbreaking poem about children.

On this note, I highly recommend Lee Gliddon’s collection of poems. Go, get the book and enjoy, 5 stars guaranteed!

By the way, here’s something you need to know about him: (got this from his amazon page)

leeLee Gliddon was born and still lives in a little town in Wales called Llanelli. The Jobs he has held are just a means to an end, as his heart belongs to writing.

He published his first ebook in 2012 “The Neon Avenger” an aging superheros memoir tale. He also published a short poem ebook in 2012 which was his first touch at the poetry world.

In 2013, now with his poetry craft matured he published the ebook “Poems” a heartfelt selection of poerty with shades of light and dark. His next ebook in 2013 would be “Writing To Heal” a tale of the truest of love and how a single moment can change everything. 

Lee plans to release many more poetry and fiction books as they are his true love.

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