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Writing To Heal


Title: Writing To Heal
Author: Lee Gliddon
Kindle edition, .mobi version
Published 2013

A tale of true love that will echo through the ages.

This is perhaps one of the most gripping Peter And Wendy love story ever told. And may also be the saddest I have ever read. No, Peter Pan does not wear green tights and hat in this tale, but he sure had darling Wendy by his side. Nevertheless, Writing To Heal is a short story that put a smile on my face and captured my heart.

The short story starts off with Peter narrating his tale after his therapist told him to write what he feels. Peter pours his heart out as he recounts the events that happened in his past, his family, his passion for the arts and his chance meeting with his future wife, Wendy.

Peter meets Wendy for the first time in college and he was dumbstruck by her beauty.  An artist that he was, he drawn her on paper. A clumsy attempt to talk to her caused Peter to drop his drawing, right at Wendy’s feet. That scene alone made me smile.

A “you-and-me-against-the-world” kind of story blossoms between  Peter and Wendy. A college love affair soon catapults into marriage and family romance. Until a tragedy strikes one day.

I didn’t prepare any tissue nor hanky when I read this story. It was already way past my bedtime when I heard myself sobbing and felt my heart aching after I learned about Peter’s predicament. I can only imagine the pain that he has gone through. Although this is just a work of fiction, I was able to emphatize with the lead character and hoped that time could heal his wound. To quote Gliddon’s tweet: “it is an emotional journey,  go with the journey wherever it takes u”.

Highly recommended read for everyone who loves, have loved and never afraid to love again. Here’s my 5 ***** rating for you, Mr. Lee Gliddon, writer-extraordinaire.

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