Always The Last to Know

Title: Always The Last to Know
Author: Crystal Bowling
Kindle edition
Published 2009

Summary from Goodreads:
Wearing a Maid of Honor dress that very well may cause the South to want to rise again, Jess Reynolds is prepared to walk down the aisle at her best friend’s wedding. It’s just that things keep getting in the way, like a sex-crazed coworker, an annoying brother-of-the-bride, and a handsome and horribly charming friend posing as the Best Man. As it turns out, Jess might just be the last one to know everything, including the workings of her own heart.

I got this ebook for free from amazon and I must say, for something free like this, I had fun time reading it.

 Oh, who am I kidding? I actually enjoyed reading this wonderful mix of romance and comedy!
Jessica Reynolds is bestfriends with Carla Callahan who was going to get married to Evan Winters. I’d say that Carla is some kind of a bridezilla who wanted everything organized, wanted to be in control of everything. But she is definitely a great dear friend to Jess.

On the other hand, Jess had been tasked to do the duties of a Maid of Honor and make sure that the groom will not get cold feet, before the wedding bells ring.
Sometime before this wedding took place, Jess met Matt Mancini, a delectable Italian guy who was not only buffed and gorgeous, but could also cook. A man who could literally make the ladies wag their tongue and drool. Could he be the One Jess has been destined to marry?

But what about her BFF’s brother? Jess and Riley Callahan had grown up together, had known each other through the years, and even had the same taste in music. Yet, they always ended up frogging or strangling each other or quarrelling over petty things. Then one day, he asked her to live with him. What’s up with that?

Actually, the story of Jess and her date to her bestfriend’s wedding was a bit predictable. The signs that she might be in love were very obvious, but then she was oblivious to the fact that the guy loved her back. It was only a matter of time before she realized that she was the last to know about her feeling, hence the title.

Although I knew that Jess and her lover boy would end up together, I continued reading the story because I didn’t want to let go of the giddy feeling I was experiencing while knowing that sooner or later, Jess would finally come to her senses, thanks to her co-worker’s crazed & sex-infested mind.
This is surprisingly a very interesting book. It has funny aspects, as I certainly found myself laughing at several occasions. The writing was not hard on the eyes and I liked that it was based in Jess’ perspective, which was kind of easy to relate with. There’s also the wedding that I looked forward to because I was curious how the bride would react when his groom suddenly got cold feet.

I liked Jessica’s incoherent mumblings and smart ass remarks. The personalities of the other characters were not fully developed but it didn’t matter a lot to me since my focus was on Jess.

Overall, I am glad to have read this funny and quirky story. Recommended for your summer beach read. Expect lots of laughter and cringe-worthy scenes, in the most fashionably giggly fun way. 4 stars for author Crystal Bowling for successfully keeping me entertained. ****


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