Artful Dodger

Title: Artful Dodger

Author: Nageeba Davis

Kindle Edition

Published 2013

Art teacher and sculptor, Maggie Kean, thought she was having a rotten day, burning her toast, stubbing her toe, all before eight in the morning. Things just couldn’t get any worse. At least, not until the dead body clogs up her toilet. To make matters worse, Maggie becomes the prime suspect. Now all she has to do is evade the police, clear her name, and trap a killer…and deal with one mouth-watering, hunky detective who drives her crazy while making her hormones do the happy dance!

Maggie Kean was having the time of her life. Burnt toast, stubbed toe and a dead body. Plus Mr. Nostrils treating her as a suspect in the untimely death of Elizabeth, her neighbor, friend and mentor.

Then came the ruggedly handsome and Italian detective, Sam Villari. Obviously smitten with her, Maggie did her best to dodge the officer’s questions, especially when she started her own little investigation. Who could have put poor Elizabeth in the septic tank, of all places? Who could have done it? And why?

Mystery certainly surrounds this wonderful story of the artfully talented Maggie Kean and her seemingly unending mis-adventures. I loved how she was characterized in this book. She doesn’t have to wear Chanel or Armani or Manolos just to get the attention of sexy Detective. Her wardrobe is the exact anti-thesis of her craft. She’s feisty, uncontrollable, bubbly, and yes, sweet. She treated and loved her neighbor like her mom, so she was devastated when Elizabeth died. Put yourself in her shoes, wouldn’t you want to know who did the heinous crime?

I loved the author’s take on the mystery & comedic side of the story. I laughed a lot while reading Maggie’s mis-adventures. Nageeba Davis is a gem! To borrow some words from Maggie:..

“she’s a cross between Janet Evanovich and Nora Roberts. She could dissect, critique, and rearrange my life while pouring coffee and patting my hand.”

Yes, I see some Stephanie Plum’s spirit and determination in Maggie, and I also detect Nora Roberts in the detective, Sam Villari’s life. Nora Roberts always melts my heart when I read stories about close-knit & sometimes boisterous family gatherings. Nageeba Davis nailed it with her Italian family dinner.  For sure I am going to read the next installment on Maggie’s life.

Thanks for a beautifully written story, Ms. Davis. You deserve my two-thumbs up and 5 stars rating! *****

P. S.

Let me just share with you this novel lines as a parting gift /  teaser:

“.. you have the patience of a gnat and the tenacity of a bulldog all rolled into one extraordinarily charming package..”
“.. If you even think about telling me how cute I am when I am angry, you’l be minus one manly testicle as a result..”
“.. honey, you’re adorable when you’re angry and adorable when you’re not…”


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