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The Wanton Bride

Title: The Wanton Bride Image(Hunter Brothers #2)
Author: Mary Brendan
Paperback, 273 pages
Published April 1st 2008 by Harlequin


Mark Hunter managed to vex her at every opportunity — and seemed to enjoy doing so! However, to prevent a family scandal, Emily Beaumont must turn to him for help. Mark was more than happy to be of service to the delectable Miss Beaumont; with her quick wit and determined spirit she always made deliciously diverting company. But Mark soon discovered that Emily truly was in danger …

With disgrace just a breath away, Emily ached for Mark’s strong arms to comfort her. Yet she held a secret — one that would surely prevent any gentleman from considering her as a suitable bride.

Once in a while, I read regency novels because I love knowing the cultures and behaviors of people from centuries ago. So I got this Wanton Bride from Harlequin Regency edition at my favorite bookstore and spent an evening with Sir Mark Hunter and the tempting Emily Beaumont.

When Emily’s older brother Tarquin went MIA or missing in action, she thought of the worst that her brother could have experienced. Tarquin had been known to accumulate a lot of debts and failed to pay, so this got Emily worried. And when she haven’t heard from him for a long time, she thought one of his shenanigans got the worst of him, so Emily finally asked for assistance from an unlikely ally, Sir Mark Hunter. For his part, he was, firstly, hesitant to mingle with her, since he has been reputed to be having another mistress . The fact that Emily seemed to have a reckless attitude towards him, made Mark put her off. Soon he grew quite intrigued with Emily’s beauty and aloofness towards him.

While Emily disliked going to Mark for help, she did her best to make sure that her brother was safe from harm. Little did she know that she was going straight to the devil’s hands when she thought she was going to her brother’s aid. Good thing, Mark was wise and resourceful; he was able to save the damsel in the nick of time. Or was he really the one who saved her?

Amidst the chaos that Tarquin has created is a scandal waiting to be revealed. A secret Emily never wanted anyone else to know. Would she be able to hide the truth from Mark after coming to her aid? And by the way, what’s with Emily’s family? It didn’t look like her father was really concerned about his son’s whereabouts. I wonder why.

I liked the story of The Wanton Bride. There were some tensed moments between the characters, as well as romantic suspense. I didn’t know that this was actually a sequel to a Hunter trilogy. It’s only now that I discovered this info when I was looking for an image to put up here on my blog. So now I need to read the first book so I could understand The Hunter brothers even more.

Let me also say that the author Mary Brendan certainly knew a lot about regency, because I learned a thing or two after reading this book. Looking forward to reading more of her works.

My rating for The Wanton Bride: 4 ****

4 thoughts on “The Wanton Bride

  1. I recently read my first regency romance (And Then She Fell) and really enjoyed it. If you want to learn more about the period, I’d recommend An Elegant Madness: High Society in Regency England. It’s a great non-fiction read that give you a really good feel for society at the time.

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