4 stars · book reviews · fantasy YA

Taken (Channie 2)

Title: Taken (Channie #2)taken
Author: Charlotte Abel
Kindle edition
Published 2012

Bound by love and magic. Betrayed by those they trust. Not everyone survives.

Gasp-out-loud action, heart-pounding romance and an OMG ending that leaves you hungry for the next book.

This is the second book from the Channie series, a darker and more fierce story than the first. I like this more than Enchantment, the first one, simply because Taken had all the spices I need in a story – romance, comedy, action, adventure, family issues, suspense and paranormal.

In the first book, Channie had been a mage and Josh was a biker/racer enthusiast, until their paths crossed and thing weren’t the same ever again. An unfortunate event had made Channie an Empty- a play on the word magically disabled or MD. She was unfortunately stripped off her powers, while Josh soon discovered that he was a royal mage, belonged to a powerful family of mages. He was given a power name and had acquired his powers. Channie and Josh became a couple bound in marriage by Aunt Wisdom and through the power of the moon.

Here in the second book, the couple struggled on their lives while away from their parents. They made progress in their married life but it grew a bit difficult for Channie especially now that she had lost all her magical powers. Her mom, on the other hand became vicious right after she lost the ‘Book of the Dead’. She became the Devil incarnate, in my opinion, who wad willing to sacrifice her own daughter, just to get what she wanted. I hated Channie’s mom in the first, but it seemed I abhorred her more in Taken. She was bad to the bone, very very bad. The other characters were also commendable; the Trips (triplets) were growing up as well as their powers. Their mom, Abundance or Abby, finally settled her differences with the triplet’s father, another Empty, Diego. And Josh’s father was definitely cool.

And this time around, there’s more humor, thanks to Hunter and his antics! I loved how he protected Channie in his own little way, saved their asses more than once, and soon discovered his alter-ego and making money out of it. I actually liked Hunter more than Josh.

But not everyone came out alive in this book. I was heartbroken with the ending 😥 This isn’t my first Charlotte Abel book and this is definitely not the last. I have read Enchantment during the early part of the year and it left a mark on my Kindle. So I got the second book as well as the other series, River’s Recruit.

Allow me to say then these simple words: Great job, Miss Abel for an entertaining and magically heart-stopping sequel. You made me crave for more! I will definitely read Book 3 Finding Valor so all the questions in my mind would settle down.

Highly recommended to every one who have found and needs to find the Magic in their lives.

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