Valley of Silence

The last part of the Circle Trilogy – The Valley of Silence

Author: Nora Roberts

Hardcover, Large Print, 506 pages
Published November 1st 2006

Having traveled through the Dance of the Gods to the land of Geall, the circle finds themselves convincing then training the people of Geall to defeat Lilith’s vampire army. The Valley of Silence is a forbidding place for the battle of all battles, but the circle continues to prepare through magic and a few early stakeouts that test their strength individually and as a team.

Moira finds herself playing the roles of warrior and royal, as she follows the tradition of her people and prepares to take the crown before leading them into battle. And if that isn’t enough, she finds her thoughts turning to Cian more often than not.

So what’s a chaste and intelligent young woman to do when given less than a month with the man she loves, who’s not a man, but a vampire? And how will the people of Geall fare against an army of blood-thirsty vampires who have had centuries to prepare?

Cian, the undead twin brother of Hoyt, must learn how to trust the circle and not let love get in the way, even if he had to work hand-in-hand and face-to-face with the one who made his heart beat after a millennium. The fact that Cian is a vampire and his lover is a fighter of life, complicates matters more. What’s worse is, his kind was the very same beings who have killed the parents of the one he love, Queen Moira.

Since vampires are known to be evil & do not have place in this world, Cian set himself apart from the others. He was the only one of his kind who drank pig’s blood and treated people as friends instead of killing them. He vowed to kill his creator Lilith and perish all her minions and live again for a thousand years, but he had to turn his back on Moira and forget her, even if it broke her heart.
Will there be an end to their suffering? Will Cian ever find love? Will Moira ever move on from her heartbreak?

This is my favorite among the three books. I learned more about Cian and how he came to be, and how his life was changed when he met Moira. The war war that took place in the Valley of Silence was crisp and detailed. I even forgot about the old man who was story-telling in the end.

The twist about Cian is a must read, too!

And yes, I was more than satisfied with the ending – the way a Nora Roberts’ book should be. and honestly, among the three pairs, i liked Cian & Moira’s story the most! so I’m rating this last book with 5 Bookmarks!


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