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Thursday – Cover Reveals – Shannon Mayer

Welcome to Thursday Reveals!


This is my first time doing or hosting my very own meme. I’d like to call it Thursday Reveals – where I will post the new covers of books soon to be released by talented authors.

And on my first foray of reveals, here’s the newest book cover of one of my favorite authors, Shannon Mayer, Ninety-Eight – a contemporary romance, which will soon be released October.

Author: Shannon Mayer
Genre: Contemporary New Adult Romance
Expected Release Date: October 17th, 2013
Publisher: HiJinks Ink Publishing
Cover Designed by Damon Za

Lovely isn’t it? I liked the simplicity of the concept – a girl cuddling or hugging herself with closed eyes, might be thinking of someone or something that make her smile like Mona Lisa, mysterious! Hands off to Damon Za for this sexy cover 🙂

Check out more about this exciting new book at Shannon Mayers website via

More cover reveals soon!

By the way, if you think of a better title of this meme, more catchy than Thursday Reveals, please do so by dropping a note or comment here on my blog. Thanks a million, friends! ^_~

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