5 stars · book reviews · children's book


Title: Jumper

Author: Rebecca Scarberry

Join in the fun as Jumper tells about his adventures. He’s a red beach ball trying to escape from a toy store so that he can find a swimming pool and Carnival Castle. Children love beach balls and they’ll love them even more after reading about Jumper.

I most definitely agree with Jumper when he first introduced himself. “Hi, I’m Jumper!  I am a red beach ball, the funnest and bounciest beach ball you’ll have the pleasure of owning!” My kids couldn’t agree more.

I read Jumper’s story to my kids before going to bed. They really love it when I read them bedtime stories. Their faces lit up and their eyes dance with joy. When I read to them this red beach ball’s adventures, they seem to bounce off their feet, excited everytime Mr. Wind helps Jumper go far far away.

Jumper is a red beach ball who had one simple wish: to go to Carnival Castle and be able to try all the rides there. Only problem was, he was inside a toy store, along with other balls. One day, he was able to go out of the store, with the help of a windy friend. Soon his adventures outside the store began. Little did he know that there were a lot of obstacles that would prevent him from fulfilling his dream.

This short story about a red beach ball is a fun book to read. The illustrations were fantastic, my kids enjoyed seeing the pictures and they’re clamoring for more. The dialog was simple enough for kids to understand. There was never a dull moment, and my boys actually requested for this story over and over again. I highly recommend Jumper to everyone who have kids and to those “young at heart”.

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