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Hiding From Myself

Title: Hiding From Myself hiding
Author: Bryan Christopher
Kindle Edition, ARC, 317 pages
Expected publication: October 11th 2013

A “pray away the gay” memoir that opens in Hugh Hefner’s closet?

Consider this: it’s timely and relevant and there’s not another book out there that tackles the thorny issue of homosexuality and fundamentalist Christianity that includes Hugh Hefner, naked sorority girls and Jesus Christ!

From the issue of “gay marriage” boiling in the cauldron of politics and religion, to bullied gay teens tragically taking their own lives, to churches splitting right down the middle over gay clergy you can’t turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper without seeing “gay” in a headline.

Few cultural issues ignite such passion from all sides. For those in the church that see homosexuality as “immoral” and a “sin,” the notion of “gay marriage” is intolerable. For those who are gay, being demonized and shamed by the church is simply intolerant.

Bryan Christopher’s life has been spent straddling this great divide.

As a boy raised under the blinding Friday Night Lights of the Bible belt of Texas in the ‘70s and ‘80s—from the playground to the pulpit—one message was clear: “queers” deserved to be smeared.

And at the dawn of puberty, he knew he was in trouble: he was staring limply at the pages of his dad’s Playboy!

That’s when the hiding began. And in his neck of the woods, it left him with one option: change!

I have read the book a week ago and up until now, I could still feel the pain and sadness of the author’s struggles with today’s world.

I told the talented author Bryan Christopher, how I literally bawled my eyes out after reading his memoir.   oh yes, he really made me cry, I even sobbed, seriously. I think the last time I have cried over a book that was so intense was when I read Lee Gliddon’s Writing To Heal inspirational book. Now is the second time I have ever cried this way again.

Bryan Christopher is amazing and gifted. I felt his hardships and battle with the society while he struggled to hide what or who he really was. He tried hiding from himself, but he was just fooling his own in the end.

I learned a lot from this memoir, first and foremost, about not being judgmental. In our society today, we read news about gay marriages and stuffs, but when people come face-to-face with the gay men, most of them still look in the other direction and wish they would magically change their preferences. Others think gays are immoral and abomination, but the truth is, they are also people, they are also children of God and they deserve to live and walk on this earth with their heads held up high.

Secondly, it would be good to know in the future that some religious people have less of a problem with gays. Yes, there are still a lot hiding from the society who still instill God’s teachings in themselves.  I wish them courage and guidance to be able to come out soon. I myself have a number of gay friends and I love them wholeheartedly.

I highly recommend this book to everyone who have friend who are not quite sure how to go on about their everyday life because they have been hiding in their closets. This book is also to everyone who wish to better understand gays and lesbians. Let’s all be equal and see them in a new light.

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