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Under His Protection


Title: Under His Protection
Author: Stacy Von Haegert
Kindle Edition, 206 pages
Published November 8th 2013

Under His Protection is a regency novel about two lovestruck characters; one came from the America, who had zest and carefree attitude in life, while the other one was a brash young lord who was reputed to be a ladies man. Their love story began with Lord Alexander challenging a newcomer to a duel but got more than he bargained for when the young lad’s sister came to his defense instead. There was something mysterious and intriguing about the new family who arrived in London, which got everyone’s tongue wagging and eyes rolling. Something that got a man riled up and determined to have his way against them.

When I read the first chapter of Under His Protection, I was entranced. It’s like I was visiting a historical place at another era that is so different from my own timeline. Once I got past the second chapter, it made me crave for more.

Lady Greyland Kingston was really a lovable personality; she managed to make me smile because of her naiveté and casual outlook in life. It is obvious that she came from a noble line from the America who was quite liberated, compared to the conservative people of London. She’s like a wanton bride, not very typical of a lady, but very entertaining, nonetheless. No wonder the lads and men vied for her attention every now and then. I don’t blame Lord Alex Hamilton of Ravenswood for being so protective of her. He was every bit a hero and warrior in my eyes. I liked the vulnerability and sensitivity he showed when he had fallen in love with Lady Kingston.

I also loved the other men in the novel, like Perkin & Edward, both gorgeous men and dependable brothers and of course, there was Thomas, the ever gracious friend and comrade. Bella, Thomas betrothed, was a friend that I myself would like to keep, and Annabel, a girl I would like to take as my own. And there’s Socrates and Malikite, two creatures who played pivotal roles in their masters’ lives.

I really find Regency novels like Under His Protection very engaging, seductive and irresistible. The characters were easy to love and relate to, even though they belonged to the era where the women’s ball gowns were made of layers of corsets and petticoats while men were clad with greatcoats, cloak and broad-brimmed hats.

Reading Regency novels has always been one of the most delicious treats in literature, in my opinion. I always get delighted reading unusual terms enthused by the characters. Like for example in this novel, I encountered the word “ton”. I thought at first, it was a misspelled word for town, but after I did some research, I learned that the author actually referred it to a set of people who possess the characteristics of being rich, fashionable and well mannered. Three characteristics that must all be possessed by a group. Oh, how very ingénue of me, if I might say so.

I really had a wonderful time reading this debut from the talented Stacy Von Haegert. Her writing was quite exceptional and superb. She kept me intrigued and entertained all throughout, with her character’s vivid descriptions and believable personalities. I couldn’t believe this is her maiden novel! I thought she can be the next Lisa Kleypas or Johanna Lindsey and I couldn’t be more proud! I highly recommend this masterpiece to everyone who loves to read Regency love stories.

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