Kissing Another Grimaldi

kissingTitle: Kissing Another Grimaldi

Book 1 of Kissing the Bovaghnian Rogues Series.
Author: K.Z. Riman

I will never leave you alone.
One of the handsome Grimaldi twins falls into a car crash and dies the night he is to propose for marriage, leaving Kelsey Fontez pregnant with his son. Six years later, she turns up at the Grimaldi mansion’s door to introduce her son to his grandparents. The plan is simple: she brings her son to the life he deserves and lives with him in peace.
Scott Grimaldi, the rogue and vigorous half of the Grimaldi twins, isn’t going to let it happen. He has sedated his desires for too long already, masking his intentions with his endless needs to taunt her as a teenage girl. How far is he willing to taunt Kelsey now just to have her in his bed when it means losing to his father’s ultimatum of his inheritance, caring for his brother’s son, and throwing away his life-long dreams?


I have read a lot of e-books about twins sharing the same love interests. This book, however, isn’t like any other book that initially talks about sibling rivalry. KZ Riman changed this typical introduction of twins, and she successfully captured my interest from the first paragraph alone.

Seth was about to propose to his lady love, Kelsey, but he met a tragic fate when he died in a car accident. That same day, Kelsey learned that she was carrying Seth’s child. After six years, Kelsey finally succumbed to her “almost in-laws'” wishes to see her child, Sean, who was the splitting image of his father. After seeing her child’s face full of happiness in the arms of his grandparents, Kelsey decided to accept their offer to stay with the family.

Soon thereafter, Seth’s twin, Scott, came back to the mansion upon the request of his father to manage their company. Seeing Kelsey again brought back memories of younger years – the time when he was helplessly and secretly in love with this brother’s girlfriend. He used to taunt Kelsey with viscous remarks about her “virginity” but deep inside, he wanted her for himself. He just didn’t have the courage to fight with his twin.

Now that Kelsey, her child and Scott are under one roof, he couldn’t help but fall for her again. But he still wanted to pursue his life long dream of building his own empire and leave after a year, just so he could bed all the blonde women he wanted. Then came Carter, the dean’s son who wanted to propose marriage to Kelsey. What will Scott do? Will he let Kelsey leap into Carter’s arms? Or will he admit his feelings in the end?

This book is full of eroticism. Initially, erotic tales weren’t my cup of tea, but I know how to appreciate steamy love stories and Kissing Another Grimaldi did not disappoint me. I could safely say that the sexy hot scenes I’ve read were important to the plot.

Kissing Another Grimaldi was really a roller-coaster ride, but was surprisingly very easy to read. I liked KZ Riman’s writing style, it was flawless and she certainly has a knack for telling a story. Her maiden offering of the Kissing the Bovaghnian Rogues series promises a roller-coaster experience. There’s the family-oriented story, there’s a sexy-as-sin, hot and gorgeous rogue; there’s the a feisty and headstrong lady, PLUS lots and lots of steamy yummy sex, not to mention, a drug that enhances sexual desires. What’s not to love?

Check out this book trailer from KZ Riman’s masterpiece:

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