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Circus of Lost Souls

Title: Circus of Lost Soulscircus Authors: Riley J Ford and Rebecca Hamilton Kindle Edition, 244 pages Published December 22nd 2013

Cirque du Lune is killing off teenagers, but it’s all part of the act. Or is it? As the body count rises with each performance, one girl at this infamous theater-based summer finds herself contemplating what’s real and what’s not. What if it’s not just a horror show, but a live snuff performance? What if the murders . . . are real?

I never wanted to sleep again after I have read this engagingly haunting book by Riley J. Ford and Rebecca Hamilton. Circus of Lost Souls is probably one of the most frightening but surprisingly great thrillers I have ever read. Seriously, I was wide awake reading the book and I, for the life of me, cannot fathom why I was able to stay up all night reading one gore scene to another and not get a nightmare out of it. Cirque Du Lune workers, especially Ian, really crept me out. Myra, thanks to her ever inquisitive mind, knew at once that something was wrong during the first act. I was really intrigued, that a lot of scenarios ran through my head, only to get the shock of my life when I finally discovered what the circus was all about. And when almost all of the teens in the story were “done with” I thought, I could never go to sleep without knowing what will happen next. Let me tell you this, no book had ever held my attention or kept me up all night, except this one. I was really ecstatic a year ago when I learned that Riley & Rebecca teamed up to write a novel, but I didn’t have any idea what it was all about. And when I finally got the chance to read their masterpiece, I was floored. I thought both authors’ writing style were excellent and superb. They knew how to give the readers the sense of fright and the chills of creepiness, leaving them breathless and anticipating. Congrats, Riley & Rebecca, you really scared the devil out of me.

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