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The Peaceful Lion and the Nagging Crow

Title: The Peaceful Lion and the Nagging Crow peaceful

Author: Assaf Marcus
Illustrations by: Malgorzata Godziuk

For those of you who doesn’t know, I have three kids – all boys – and being around them either gives me peace of mind or chaotic heartbeats. It’s never easy raising a bunch of kids but I thought I could manage. However, when I chanced upon the book, The Peaceful Lion and the Nagging Crow, it seems like a whole new world was opened up for me.

Essentially, this is a story about a lion that had been quiet and living peacefully, while a rowdy crow did nothing but pester and make the lion angry. I was appalled by the behavior of the crow; he actually represented a bully constantly picking on someone else, testing their emotions. But what surprised me more was the calmness of the big lion amidst the chaos that the annoying crow brings. For how long did the lion keet up with the crow’s antics, that I won’t reveal. The great thing about this book is the lesson that my kids were able to learn after reading and understanding Peaceful Lion’s advice. Like I said, this book opened up a whole new world for me! Me and my little boys’ world now becomes more peaceful and serene.

For those who want to teach their child how to deal with bullies or control their anger and accept gifts, this is the best book I’d highly recommend. I’m giving two thumbs up for Assaf Marcus for a distinctly effective way of spreading the message of peace and value of gift-giving among people.

Excerpts from Goodreads:
Teach your children the important skills of anger management and how to deal with bullies! Often child behavior problems are about kids struggling to manage their anger while attempting to find their inner peace. Oppositional behavior, disrespect, conflict and aggression can often be decreased by helping kids learn how to handle these issues better. This illustrated story will give you the tools to help your child with anger management through finding his inner peace.
This inspiring fable tells the story of two animals – “The Peaceful Lion And The Nagging Crow” in which the crow tries to annoy the lion in countless ways.
Will the crow manage to finally get the lion angry or upset? Will the crow give up? Can the lion manage to stay calm and peaceful or will he get angry at last?
When two such distinct animals as “The Peaceful Lion and The Nagging Crow” interact with each other, the result is a story with a lesson worthy of reading by all mankind. How to achieve inner peace and the realization that external forces can disrupt that peace or even forbid it are the two lessons which are cradled in this beautiful illustrated story by Assaf Marcus.

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