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The Sandalwood Chair

I was fortunate to read a very lovely poem written by W.M. Jones.
It is entitled The Sandalwood Chair. Here it goes:

The Sandalwood Chair
The old lady sits in her sandalwood chair.
She is reading to him, but he is not there.
The table is laid, where once they had played,
Canasta and rummy and whist.
In the hearth there’s a fire that crackles and spits,
And a basket of kindling; An assortment of bits.
A polished brass knight, holds a toasting fork tight,
At attention it patiently waits.
In the window a light, where a candle burns bright,
Just in case her dear fellow returns.
But the old lady knows, for as long as it glows,
Like her hopes, ever lower it burns.
And so she’ll remain, though she waits there in vain,
She will never admit what she knows.
For her loved one passed on in a war that’s long gone,
And forever she’ll suffer it blows.
An old lady dreams in a sandalwood chair,
Of the promises that she once gave.
To the young soldier boy, who went off to the Front,
But who now lies asleep in his grave.

In all honesty, it was really an emotional poem. Reminds me of some Nicholas Sparks novel. It was a story of a woman who grew old and gray but still continued waiting for his soldier, the man of her life. Although deep in her heart, she knew that he would not be coming back, she still won’t accept that fact.. It was beautifully written poem of love, hope and heartache, i loved it!

I was enamored with this poem and I’m sure, you will too. If there’s one thing that taught me about this poem, it is this: TRUE LOVE WAITS.

Special thanks to Lee Gliddon for sharing this info and telling me about W.M. Jones 🙂

Mr. Jones, please keep writing poems like this and ignite the hearts of people 🙂

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