My June Starters


junebooks It’s the third quarter of the year… It’s June!! Time flies so fast, really!!
Yesterday, I went shopping with my family and I had this itch to drop by my favorite bookstore to haul some books. Because I could never have so many books! I want to have all the books in the world, if possible!
Anyway, here are some of my latest book finds that would surely make my June month busy.

More Twisted: Collection of Short Thriller Stories by Jeffery Deaver

A Long Fatal Love Chase by Louisa May Alcott – the very same author of the classic Little Women
WhiteOut – an intriguing mystery novel-slash-medical drama by New York Times Bestseller Ken Follet
Elements of Chance – something like a disfunctional family story – family against family – based on the synopsis authored by Barbara Wilkins
Clear and Convincing Proof – another series of courtroom drama starring bigtime lawyer Barbara Holloway – a novel by Kate Wilhelm
Nearer than the Sky – by T. Greenwood – love of Family between sisters…

Yes, different authors, assorted stories.. not much Romance-Love stories this time… (except of course for A Long Fatal Love Chase – which is more on the thriller-suspense-tragic romance-type) trying to steer clear from romantic hush-hush for now…
’tis gonna be a long month ahead… yipee!!

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