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J’adore Le Croissant

It’s my first time to review a cookbook that I downloaded on Amazon. And there’s a reason I decided to share my points of view. jadorelecroissant

When I downloaded & read this ebook, J’adore Le Croissant by Monica Ramirez, the first thing that caught my attention is the author’s mention of her battle with celiac disease. It struck me because, I love baking and my kids & their friends love eating so it’s a perfect match, right? Not so. One of my son’s schoolmate and playmate, Sean, suffers from celiac. Whenever he visits our house, I am at a loss on which food to serve him. His mom had informed me of his disease and although most of the time he brings his own snacks, I still prefer to be a gracious host and serve him something gluten free.

I’ve been to various sites, watched cooking videos and read some books that will help me understand Sean’s situation. I was fortunate enough to acquire some cookbooks. And when I finally read J’adore le croissant, I was inspired. This e-book opened my mind to a lot of things, not only on gluten-free foods. I was actually amazed to find out the origin of croissants (in Austria, not France!) and how there are a lot of ways to bake this. And the best thing I love about baking this pastry specialty, the author emphasized that baking is not only considered an art, but it has science to it, too. It’s true, the whole process of baking croissants is a lengthy and meticulous one, but in the end, it is all worth it.

I also liked the part of this book where the author shared some important key concepts when making fluffy, flaky gluten-free dough. Yes, from preparing the dough, to working it to baking the croissant, the steps are all here. And here’s the best part: It also contains instructions on how to make various savory or sweet fillings for your croissant and different ways on how to enjoy them! Honestly, in all of the pastry cookbooks I’ve read, J’adore le croissant is my favorite. It has it all I need! This is a really mystical recipe for home-baked croissant goodness! Highly recommended read for bakers and food lovers alike. My kids and I love everything written and shared here. Now I don’t need to worry about Sean and his situation with food. I can now bake gluten-free croissant for his enjoyment. So here’s our two thumbs up and five stars rating!

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