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I Think I Love You

Title: I Think I Love You
Author: Stephanie Bond
Kindle edition, 369 pages
Published October 2011

So there’s some bad blood and bruised egos among the Metcalf sisters. At least they’re reuniting. A cause to celebrate? Not for Justine, Regina, and Mica. Their parents are splitting up and the family business is going on the auction block–just a little reminder of how much they really have in common…
Take the local bad boy who proposed to Justine, seduced Regina, and ran off with Mica. Add the unsolved murder they witnessed when they were young girls, and their vow to keep it a secret. Toss in their knack for being drawn to shady men, and there’s only one thing left for them to do–put the bonds of family loyalty to the test.
But it takes courage to outsmart a murderer, know-how to avenge the cad who betrayed them, and patience to bring their parent back together. Three talents. Three sisters. And who knows? Maybe even three new chances to fall in love when Justine, Regina, and Mica discover how much they’re willing to risk–and forgive–in the name of sisterhood.

I very much liked the setting and characters of the story. I was able to relate with the sisters, since I also have two other sisters who sometimes can’t bear to see one another and yes, oftentimes, want to grab each other’s throats.

But despite the animosity  we sometimes feel for each other, we can’t deny the fact that we are of the same blood and that we really love one another and would do anything to protect our family. Much like Justine, Mica and Regina. A quick recap of the three main characters: Justine, the eldest in the brood, an office girl who goes after married men. In short, a bitch. LOL. Next is Regina, the level headed sister who tried her best to stop her parents’ divorce. And lastly, Mica, the hair model who was living in with her boyfriend, who was formerly engaged to Justine. Dysfunctional, huh? You bet, they were a bunch of crazy girls. But, it was Regina’s attempts to unravel the mystery of a murder in the past and finding a key that might be connected to them kept me entertained. There was a believable plot, good mystery and surprisingly a dab of romance in the end.

This is a very good quick read and perfect to those who love to guess “who done it” mysteries. As usual Stephanie Bond delivered a satisfying read 😉

2 thoughts on “I Think I Love You

  1. I’ve read one Stephanie Bond book before – something about Voodoos.. I liked it, so I guess this one’s a good one, too. Thanks for sharing your review 🙂

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