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Classics, Re-read….


Last week had me reading some classics that I didn’t know were stored on my Kindle. My kids’ favorite, Peter Pan was the culprit. When I was checking out my TBRs, suddenly, I saw Peter Pan winking at me, and decided to read it when my little ones couldn’t sleep.

So for two days, I rewarded myself with classics and here are my short reviews:

wutheringWuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

I was able to read this when I was in junior high and I decided to read it again for familiarity’s sake. And as always, I sigh at the end of the story. Heathcliff will never get praises from me, that’s understandable, but Catherine is no different. But I like their chemistry together. Truly one of the classic tales of life and love that I will forever cherish.


Anne of Green Gables (and all other short stories)annegreen

BY LM Montgomery

This is one of my beloved & favorite books, Anne Shirley captured my heart by being a redhead alone. (Yes, I love redhead characters!) I knew that she not only made a family out of a bachelor farmer and his spinster sister, she also made friends with the people around her.

To be honest, there are times when I just skim through the books when I notice the length of a story. But with Anne and all her adventures (from Green Gables, to Avonlea, etc) I found myself liking the story every second. Anne was more mature than her age implied, and she was fun, full of energy and enthusiasm, I mean everything about her was contagious. And I love every bit of words she said. Here’s some of my favorite Anne quotes:

“That’s the worst of growing up, and I’m begining to realize it. The things you wanted so much when you were a child don’t seem half so wonderful to you when you get them.”

“Oh, it was good to be out agin in the purity and silence of the night! How great and still and wonderful everything was, with the murmur of the sea sounding through it and the darkling cliffs beyond like grim giants guarding enchanted coasts.”


peterpanPeter Pan by JM Barrie

This is undoubtedly one of the best children’s story every written. JM Barrie created a magical world that every one, youngsters and adults alike, would love to be in, even for just a year or two. Neverland. I myself want to go there, to experience being a child and never grow up. It’s the wonderful and exciting innocent days of childhood that I missed so much, and when I see my kids, a part of me wants to shrink (like me height and body) so I can play with them with gusto all day long, never minding the chaos and turbulence the world brings.

Whenever I read books to my kids, I pretend to be Wendy Darling. And my kids are the Lost boys. No, there’s no Peter Pan among them, for I want them to have equal parts. (My first born always wants to be the lead character and my second one would always complain, while the 3rd one has no say at all. )

So when my kids told me to read Peter Pan again (for the nth time) I knew I had a winner.

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