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The Farmer and His Watering Buckets

The Farmer And His Watering Buckets
Author: Assaf Marcus
Kindle Edition, 20 pages
Published June 20th 2014

Being different is not easy, especially for young children. Sharing a story wherein the main characters farmerbucketcelebrate being different is a very powerful tool for any child. This book shows a great example of looking at the bright side of things and aims to inspire children to embrace who they are with all their unique differences.
This inspiring tale tells the story of The Farmer And His Watering Buckets in which one of the watering buckets unfortunately breaks. From then on, the broken bucket feels sad about not living to the expectations of others and not being able to help the farmer like he used to before he got broke.

Will the cracked bucket manage deal with his difference?
Will the cracked bucket still help the farmer after being broken?
Can both buckets still be friends?

This is another masterpiece from Assaf Marcus! Once again, he has come up with a story that teaches valuable lesson about acceptance and individuality.

My children read The Farmer And His Watering Buckets and enjoyed the story immensely. They themselves pointed out that being different and having flaws doesn’t mean that one is imperfect. In fact, my sons felt that everyone should embrace their differences. Because for sure, something positive will come out of it in the end.

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