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Seven Years

Title: Seven Years
Author: Christine Natzseven
Kindle Edition, 224 pages
Published May 23rd 2014

It took seven years for Chloe Slater to face her painful past.

Seven years before she realized that leaving home and never looking back was an option that she couldn’t choose forever. A simple threat from her beloved brother, and she comes running back to where she left all the pain, anger, and misery behind.

To where she left her mother, who is now dying and trying to make amends.

To where she left HIM, the best friend who broke her heart and never even tried putting the pieces back. Him, who once meant the world to her but is now just another beep on her pain radar.

When her past collides with her present, Chloe had no choice but to tough it out and endure another round of heartaches. What she never imagined, though, was that through the heartache, there may sometimes come healing. And if one is lucky, sometimes even love, as well.

This is a story about friendships, music, and above all, love and second chances.

Allow me to extend my “super thanks” to the author herself, Christine, for this wonderful book. The moment I got Seven Years on my Kindle, I immediately read it and devoured it. In the story, Chloe Slater talked about her friendship with Nick, which grew into something that no longer felt platonic. She controlled whatever emotions or feelings she had for him, and well, Nick, basically did the same. When they were finally about to have a relationship, things went awry. She was betrayed by Nick, and she learned that her own family was falling apart. Chloe walked away from all of it and vowed not to come back again. Seven years later though, she was asked by her brothers to go home as she was needed by her mom. Out of respect to her brothers, she complied. But soon regret her decision when she saw the people she had sworn never to forgive for the rest of her life.

I definitely enjoyed reading this book. I found that I was unable to resist turning the pages (or in my case, pushing the next buttons on my Kindle). The characters were realistic and very much likeable. There is undeniable chemistry between Chloe and Nick, and that’s what I really like when I read love stories. I would love to read more about Devon’s past though, so I can further understand her notoriety with the boys. By the way, the bonus story of the Drunken Night was very romantic, I’d say, right on! Chris definitely deserved to have some fun too. Anyway, the situation of their respective families brought drama to the story, which was really heartbreaking, to say the least.

By the way, the playlist (soundtrack) contained herein is awesome! I love the author’s songs of choice!

After reading Seven Years, I felt giddy and starry-eyed, much to the consternation of my kids. Ha ha ha. Anyway, I highly recommend this book to every hopeless romantics in the world. Honestly, Christine, the rest of the world deserves to read your book! And I kid you not!

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