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Simone: Adventures in Dating (Book 1: The Billionaire)

Title: The Billionaire (Simone: Adventures in Dating #1)simone1
Author: Riley J. Ford
Kindle edition; 72 pages

SIMONE: ADVENTURES IN DATING (Book 1: The Billionaire) is a prequel to the hilarious bestselling series, CARPE DiEMILY.

All my life, I’ve been a man-magnet. Everywhere I go, guys drop at my feet. After all, I have a perfect body, insatiable sex drive, and a razor wit. I’m also modest (can’t you tell?). Trouble is, I’ve never been lucky in love. I only attract guys who forget their wallets and show up to dates wearing #@%#-stained clothes. With my best friend’s wedding around the corner, I finally decide enough is enough. I’m not only going to find the perfect date to her wedding, but I’m going to find Mr. Right: a gorgeous man with a great sense of humor, a chiseled bod, talent in bed, and a big…(ahem) wallet. Is that too much to ask? If all goes right, my quest will lead me into the arms of my perfect match…or will it?

Simone meets a mysterious and charming billionaire who sweeps her off her feet. He might just be her perfect date…and more. But does he have a secret side?

Holy Guacamole!! I was really in for a treat with Simone’s dating adventures and sexcapade. I’ve been a fan of Riley J. Ford, ever since I’ve read Carpe DiEmily which was really hilarious. Then I also got Into You where I “enjoyed every kissing moment of it.” And now for this Dating the Billionaire series, oh well, I had to fan myself a few times! I was pleasantly surprised with myself, because I actually loved what I read.

Now I have to continue reading to be sure I’m not mistaken with my presumption about The Billionaire. Let’s see: For starters, he looked like Paul Walker (RIP) who happens to be on eof my Hollywood hottie crushes, so I’ve been imagining him in my head while I pretend to be the banker Simone. Hmm. This is really an intriguing book! A must-read! Can’t wait to read the second book!


About the Author:

NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestsellling author Riley J. Ford has always been a writer, but she’d read somewhere that you should never write for publication until you’ve gained a lot of life experience first. She took this advice seriously, especially during her time in college when she attended as many social gatherings as possible while still maintaining an honorable grade point average. She took great pride in her degree until the graduation commencement speaker joked, “I hope all you English majors consider the extremely low-paid but rewarding profession of teaching, as that is all your degree is good for.” He was met with an abundance of eye rolling and nervous laughter, most of it from Riley J. Ford who was thinking, “No way in hell.”She can be found through the following links:


twitter username : @rileyjford

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