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Masked – my own Fairy Tale

A few days ago, I saw one of my old notebooks lying atop my dresser and I couldn’t help but read through pages and reminisce the years when I was still writing poems for myself and for my friends.. Suddenly, nostalgia breaks away from my grasp and had me walking down memory lane..

My fingers walked through the pages of my notebook and voila! I found myself reading my very own Fairy Tale which i have originally written in year 1999! It was about a masked stranger, a princess and a vampire.. wow! So my fascination with vampires started in College, huh… I just realized, my addiction to vampires have grown massively. *rolls eyes*yeah that Twilight thing started it all, obviously *.

Anyway, back to my nostalgia, let me share with you the poem or tale that i have composed more than 10 years ago, (dated August 25, 1999 to be exact)… It was about a princess, which i named Arianne, *of course, i should be the starring role!* and her adventure with a masked man and a vampire who almost slit her throat.. ugh! I think i made this “fairy tale” the day after our college Students’ Day (after i got hand-cuffed in a marriage booth! memories!)

okay.. here goes my Fairy Tale…




Once upon a time, a tale brought forth the roar of the tides,
that clashed through waves across the miles..
In this infinite dimension, a flowing desert appeared,
which created shadows that cast each day of the year…

Once upon a time, a castle stood still with brilliance,
with the wind that breezed through the golden sand,
A Castle within the breast of the ocean and the earth,
embraced the pillows of a princess at birth…

Days, months and years have passed,
the little baby princess bloomed at last,
Given the name Arianne , so delicate & full of charm
Serenaded by a throng of lads, from near & far..

The beautiful princess was loved by everyone,
kings & dukes courted her, even from faraway kingdoms..
but she wasn’t interested in any of them, no one could be compared
for she was after the man on the book that she have read..

One starless night, gazing from the window,
a shadow moved along the golden wall..
turning her head, the princess gasped for breath
when a masked stranger approached and scared her to death…

But the man in mysterious mask smiled and said later,
“Don’t be afraid, I’m just here to seek for shelter,”
He said, he was being chased by a vampire,
so, like a cat, he crept the castle so high…

Suddenly, a lightning struck and torn the sky,
and a bat-like creature shrieked through the night,
A vampire appeared and fire came out from his burning eyes
but the stranger was quick to avoid the flash of light…

Terrified, Princess Arianne ran for her precious life..
through the outskirts of her vast room, she turned to hide,
but the vampire caught her wrist and tried to bite,
as he held her head so high, with all of his might…

The masked man suddenly held out his sword,
a fine sharp lance, shimmering with gold,
with all his power, with full force on one swift move,
he thrust the sword directly to the vampire’s throat..

too late… the blood already drifted from the princess shoulder,
but she still managed to glance at the masked stranger..
Expertly, he held the vampire and threw him on the fire
and blinded the devil with a crucifix, until he lost his life..

Dreamily, Arianne felt a kiss on her forehead,
but when she opened her eyes, the stranger had vanished..
She thought, she had a nightmare and she became afraid,
yet when she turned around, she found a shoe on her bed…

A year slipped away so fast,
Arianne could never forget the man with a mask,
until one day, she went to a masquerade party,
heart beating, she saw the man she longed to see!

“Have you found my left shoe?” was all he asked..
Then he smiled so sweetly, glowing beneath the mask.
Arianne held out her hand, longing to touch his face,
she was held in a trance, she didn’t know what to say..

The man stole a kiss and said, “I miss you, my dear princess”
She asked for his name, but at first he hesitated…
Instead, he removed his mask and asked for her hand,
but Arianne’s steps retreated and ran as fast as she can..

Surprised, with eyes so wide, she turned her back,
she went to her room and saw her book, torn & scratched,
a page was missing, was all she could see,
amidst the dark lonely night, the moon shone brightly…

Slowly, she traced back her steps and returned to the ball
still expecting to see her masked man dancing on the hall,
down the corridor, she saw him glanced above and grinned,
when he smiled his sweetest smile, she knew this was no longer a dream..

Arianne and her prince danced through the night,
when daytime broke, she let out a sigh,
“Will you marry me? “the prince proposed to her,
and soon they lived happily ever after…

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