Review: Kelly’s Quest

Title: Kelly’s Quest (NYC Love #2) KellysQuest
Author: Jennifer Ann
Age: NA
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release date: October 14, 2014
Publisher: Treetop Fantasies

Shunned by her family back home, she followed her best friend to New York with aspirations to start over. Now broke and homeless with two guys vying for her affection, she realizes she made a colossal mistake. If she gives in to her desires, will she only be breaking the rule she set for herself, or will she also be proving she’s the disappointment her family sees her as?

Kelly Cavenaugh is a lot of things: intelligent, sexy, vivacious, and a great friend. But the one thing she’s determined to prove to herself and others is that she’s not promiscuous. So why do a spoiled rich boy with a dark past and a former Marine with a high-powered job have to come along and try to break her resolve?

Theo Roberts and Erik Murphy only have two things in common: they’re both dangerously gorgeous, and have their sights set on Kelly. Everyone tells her Erik isn’t someone she wants to get involved with, however, and Theo seems to be the total package. If Kelly allows herself to be with one of them, the choice should be easy. But it’s complicated, and she’ll find herself struggling to separate passion from reality while trying to establish her new life.






Kelly’s Quest is the second book in the NYC Love series and I’m happy to have read the first one Adam’s List a few months ago. The 2nd book is another “hard to put down” and I don’t know how Jennifer Ann does it!

When Jewels and Adam Murphy decided to move to New York after the couple battled with their own dark secrets, Jewels’ best friend Kelly Cavenaugh decided to come along with them to help them move. Then she met Theo, the hottie guy next door, and there’s also Erik, Adam’s equally handsome brother with a dark past. Just when they all thought she was just in NYC for a couple of days, she surprised all of them when she declared that she won’t be coming back to their place in Wisconsin, because she got a one-way ticket to NYC and stay for good.

Things got a little tense between Kelly and her bestfriend when she thought Jewels was selling her out to ex-Marine hunk Theo for a one-night stand. And there’s the issue of Adam’s brother Erik whom everyone seemed to hate because he was obnoxious and playboy. She further made things worse when she decided to be Erik’s room mate, much to the disappointment of everyone who advised her to stay away from him.

And then there’s her problem at home. The main reason why she moved to New York in the first place. The one reputation that she tried to uphold, only got shattered because of sick rumors and one cheating bastard. When she decided to find herself in another place, she told herself she’s gonna change. The more she tells herself to stop thinking about sex with random men, the more she was drawn to them.

I liked this second book. I actually had expected it to be good but after reading it, all I can say is wow! I wasn’t prepared for all the emotions it entailed. Kelly Cavenaugh may not have been the ideal girl I envisioned her from Adam’s List, but in her quest for true love, I’ve grown to like her more. All the characters have their distinct personalities, which made this story much more appealing. Jennifer Ann’s writing is great, I’m glad I was able to read her first book, and now this! I can tell she puts so much passion in her writing and I know she has a lot more surprises up on her sleeves. I’m so looking forward to her next book in the series.

 *****     ******    *****

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Wordsmith Publicity in exchange of an honest review.


about author

When Jennifer Ann isn’t writing heart wrenching romance novels with hot scenes or chasing her children around southern Minnesota, she either has her nose stuck in someone else’s book, is curled up watching a movie, can be found taking pictures of other people (not in a creepy way), or is rocking out at a concert. Her debut novel ADAM’S LIST is set for release June 17, 2014.

Jennifer also writes YA paranormal under Jen Naumann.


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